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Telling the Stories of Mississippi’s Music

When you look for the source of the magic of American music, all roads lead back to Mississippi.

A home that shaped so much of who you are that you’d sell your soul to the devil for the opportunity to tell her story. Like Robert Johnson standing at the crossroads, Mississippi artists are prolific storytellers, bringing to life the tales of the deep south and all who call her home.

Wherever Mississippians are gathered together – stories flow. And like the warm and comforting experience of sharing a cup of coffee with a friend, our stories bring us together and shine a light on the best parts of us.

Watch our story and learn why our founder, Dell Smith, is working to bring together music and coffee in Mississippi.

Coffee is a shared experience passed down through the ages – from generation to generation – like the tales of a common history that often accompany it.

The sounds of Mississippi’s cherished music are much the same as they bring forward a shared history and remind us of how far we’ve come.

We will join these two favored weapons of the Mississippi storyteller – the black liquid and the blue sound – allowing each to amplify the story of the other.
Music Inspired Roasts, Bags


Organized Grime

Surfing the musical avenues of Hattiesburg, MS since 2019, Organized Grime has developed a sound unlike any other. A unique blend of influences (Radiohead, The Beatles, Tauk, Phish, J Dilla, Circles Around the Sun, and more) swirl together to create grooves that vibrate into the 9th dimension.

CrossRoads Presents

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