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An Aeropress uses air pressure to force coffee through a thin paper filter directly into a cup. It provides a smooth, hot single cup of coffee with clearly defined flavor notes.



Crossroads Coffee
Aeropress Filters
Digital Scale

Weigh 16 grams of coffee, and 240 grams if water.

Grind coffee to medium-course consistency.

Invert the Aeropress on your scale, plunger facing up, chamber on top.

Rinse the filter in the chamber cap with near boiling water.

Preheat the Aeropress chamber with hot water then drain.

Grind 16 grams of coffee on a medium-coarse setting.

Zero the scale with the Aeropress on it.

Place ground coffee in the chamber. Start the timer and add 240 grams of hot water that is just off of boiling. Screw on the cap with filter on the chamber.

Allow the ground coffee to steep with the water for 1 minute. Grab the plunger and chamber with two hands. Flip the Aeropress.

At 1 minute 45 seconds, press the plunger down for 45 seconds until the timer reads 2:30. Stir the brewed coffee.

Enjoy your delicious cup of coffee!


Every coffee is different and needs slight grind adjustments. If your brew tastes bitter, your grind is too fine. We recommend grinding finer and finer each cup, until you taste bitterness, and then back off slightly. This ensures maximum extraction/flavor without getting into over-extraction territory.